Oprel provide the highest quality resilience consultancy, training and audit to organizations of all sizes and sectors, both in the UK and internationally, ensuring that our customers are truly resilient.

Although Oprel specializes in business continuity management consultancy we stress that business continuity is one of several related disciplines that are designed to ensure that an organization is able to manage any eventuality that may impact on the organization's objectives. To be truly resilient a more holistic approach is needed to ensure that physical security, information security, IT security, business continuity, facilities management, crisis management, risk management and others are brought together into one integrated management system. Oprel can provide this service directly and through its expert partners.

Management Team

Dave Austin, Director of Operational Resilience (Oprel).

He is a highly experienced Business Continuity, ICT Continuity and Crisis Management consultant and has specialised in these areas since 1993.

Dave has 30 years of IT experience and with over 20 years experience in IT disaster recovery and Business Continuity. His experience extends to numerous sectors including Finance, Manufacturing, Retail, Central Government, Local Government, Technology, Transport, Utilities and Broadcasting; and across the full lifecycle of business continuity management.

Dave has spoken at conferences including Germany and Slovenia and is an effective presenter with wide-ranging knowledge of Business Continuity and the related industry best practice. Dave is a member of the BSI's committee to develop and promote a Business Continuity standard, BS25999 and chaired the panel that has produced BS25999-2 to which organizations are now able to verify their compliance. Dave is also a member of the committee that developed BS25777, a standard for ICT Continuity, a member of the UK committee on Societal Resilience (SSM/1) and a member of the International Standards working group (TC223) that is developing ISO22301 which will be the first International guidance on continuity planning.


Oprel offers a wide range of service through its partnership with leading figures in the field or resilience. These include specialists in Risk Management, Crisis Management, Information Security, Software tool providers, specialist IT recovery and so on.

This enables Oprel to provide a wide range of services under one banner whilst retaining the personal relationships and high quality delivery that our customers expect.

Keystone Resilience

We often work in partnership to use our complimentary skills, knowledge and experience to provide an excellent service to our clients.

Find out more at www.keyres.co.uk

Ozona Consulting

Oprel works with Ozona in Spain and Portugal to jointly offer expertise in ISO20000 (IT Service Management) and ISO27001 (Information Security). Together with Oprel's expertise in business continuity management and ISO22301 we can offer a top quality service at highly competitive prices to clients in Spain and Portugal. Oprel also offer Ozona's services in the UK which enables UK clients to take advantage of high quality consultants at very competitive rates.

Find out more at www.ozonaconsulting.com



We have almost a decade of working together to provide complimentary solutions for our clients. CEDARthree is recognised as a leader in crisis management.

Find out more at www.cedarthree.co.uk


Oprel works with G-Continuity using their experience of operational resilience services including business continuity, information security and physical security. Partnership enables us to provide audit services for both BS25999 and ISO27001.

Find out more at www.G-continuity.co.uk


As a professional organisation we are supporters and members of a range of networks within business continuity, risk management and resilience.


CSARN - City Security and Resilience Networks

The leading UK based business security and resilience membership network. Bringing together public and private sector leaders, as a not-for-profit enterprise, CSARN is an award winning business security and staff safety advisory service. They provide business intelligence, educational networking events, training and specialist project management.